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You may know me from Twitter (@phpfour), have read my writing in my blog, or may have been recommended by my industry colleagues!

This newsletter is a personal distillation of what I think is actionable and interesting for someone working with web technologies, especially with PHP and Laravel. I aim to provide you value by highlighting the contents I consume over a week and presenting the best among those in front of your eyes.

You can expect emails to arrive between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm Eastern Time every Tuesday. I want to hold myself to a strict schedule but sometimes life gets in the way, so please excuse if it’s a couple of hrs late occasionally.

What to expect?

  • Articles and Blog Posts regarding web development in general. The focus will be on the PHP ecosystem.

  • Tweets that are actionable, contain great resources or have a unique point of view that is worth knowing.

  • Tips on Laravel and its related technologies, usually very short in size but immediately actionable.

  • Updates from my solopreneur journey, including product updates, things I learned, books I read, experiments I’m doing, etc.

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